climbing systems / climbing bracket

climbing systems  / climbing bracket


FMR: The folding platform complete with bracket and safety platform.

It is delivered to the work site pre-assembled and ready for use. It is fast to erect and to connect securely to the bushes provided.

It can be integrated with the compensating platform and corner platform.

The permissible load is 600 Kg/m².

Faresin Building Division S.p.a. supplies, with the FMR platform, all the anchoring elements needed to ensure maximum safety at elevated heights at all times.

The safety lock system makes this the ideal solution for creating internal platforms for elevator housings at elevated heights.

The platforms make it possible to create a stable surface for job site workers and for erecting formwork. These new work platforms make it possible to execute structures inside elevator housings or similar, with minimum measurements of 1.5x1.5 m and up to a maximum of 3.5x3.5 metres.

With just a few simple crane manoeuvres the platforms can be released and repositioned ready for the next concrete pour.

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