MODULO 3000 S100 H3000/ MODULO 3000 S100 H150

 FORMWORK / MODULO 3000 S100 H3000/ MODULO 3000 S100 H150

The red formwork Faresin with box-shaped frame in steel 10 cm thick ness enables to build walls and anything else with significant saving on the realization and installation costs.

The form work assembled parallell and reciprocally in vertical or longitudinal direction make up the pattern of the wall to be realized.

The formworks are reciprocally joined by the aligning clamp or pin and a perfect holding even while casting the concrete is ensured by the retrievable threaded bars and plates, up to a max. pressure of 60/80 KN/m2. The metal structure is reinforced by ribs and, thanks to the phenolic plywood in 18-mm Finnish wood, it enables to achieve perfectly smooth external face walls.

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