multidirectional system

 scaffold /multidirectional system

FARESIN BUILDING DIVISION has been working for over thirty years in the manufacturing of formworks and has completed its product range with: MODUL, the multidirectional scaffold system to cover the most complicated and irregular geometry, enabling fast installation and removal with top safety.

The MODUL system is used as multi-layer scaffold, facade scaffold, holding tower, staging, podium and tribune.


The MODUL system, thanks to its wide use versatility, can be used as facade scaffold installing the joists every 0.5 m. The working area is composed of vertical uprights, stringers with a width ranging from 0.73 m to 1.09 m, trampling planes in wood or drilled steel in galvanized plate, breastwork and feet stops. 

The different working levels are reciprocally connected through the plane with trapdoor and ladder for a fast movement with the highest safety inside the scaffold. 


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