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پروژه های بین المللی

محل پروژه :

- Veneto-Italy

مالک :

ATI “Consorzio Stabile S.I.S. Scpa – Itinere Infraestructuras S.A.”

زیربنا :

94.50 km of road layout

سال پروژه :


The Venetian Pedemontana, with its 94.50 km of road layout, will connect the area of Vicenza to that of Treviso, concerning in particular the territory of Agno Valley, including Montecchio and Castelgomberto and the Venetian Pedemontana, including Malo and Bassano del Grappa, near Vicenza, and between S. Zeno Ezzelini, Montebelluna Spresiano in the province of Treviso. In the concerning area there are 36 municipalities: 22 in the province of Vicenza and 14 in Treviso. Along the road layout there are 16 toolboths.


Crossing by three highways (A4, A31 and A27) and a dense network of rivers including the Astico and the Brenta, the SPV alternates embankments (approximately 26.50 km) in the trenches at times (about 50km).


The entire road layout has 33 tunnels with a total of about 9 km, and the two galleries of natural Castelgomberto and S. Urban, the total length of 7.3 km. The work carried out by the ATC in project financing “Consorzio Stabile SIS Scpa - Itinere Infraestructuras SA“, will cost about 2.13 billion euros, with a government grant of 173 million euros.

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