Research Priorities

The mission of research and development in Cobiax, is providing the way for defining, planning, coordination of implementation and monitoring research activities in order to provide scientific solutions to solve problems of company in various fields.

The research and development unit of company has the responsibility to policymaking and guidance for essential activity to development the technology in company and also tries to create the appropriate core and use of expert manpower, scientific fundamentals of the construction industry, cooperation with universities and research centers and available knowledge in company to help creating dynamic environment in company.

In order to make contact with the academic and engineering community about slab system of Cobiax following cases are important for development and research unit of Cobiax company.

  • Working directly with faculty members in order to define the research project.
  • Cooperation with universities in the form of student thesis.
  • Cooperate with the body of the student community in the form of publications in national and international scientific community.
  • Publishing articles in technical and engineering communities.
  • Organizing Conferences and workshops in technical circles.

The theme of the company's interest in this area will be explained in the following :

  • Simulating Cobiax slab in common analytical software of limit element.
  • Checking flexural behavior, shear and stiffness of the Cobiax slab.
  • Checking various techniques of slab analyze to estimate effort s and deformations in Cobiax slab.
  • Checking Seismic behavior of concrete and steel structures with Cobiax slab system.

In this regard, Cobiax Iran is ready to corporate with all the teachers, students, engineers and researchers on this issues. The collaboration process with researchers is as follows:

  • Determine the research topic
  • Presenting Proposals by the researcher and approved by the company include:
    • Assumptions, requirements, process research and innovation aspects of proposal
    • The exact schedule.
  • Agreement to cooperate with investigators.
  • Offering Progress reports, on a regular basis by the researcher.

It is mentioned in all stages of approved project development , the company will pay the costs. If the research have capability about turning to internal and external scientific paper, special advantages will be considered in the financial sector. For more information contact with research and development sector or this Email address: