In place implementation of Cobiax

Technology – Implementation

Simple and safe in use

The Cobiax voided flat slab is easily produced: Cobiax void former modules are mounted in the relevant spaces between the upper and lower reinforcement where they displace the concrete and serve as support for the upper reinforcement.

Three easy steps to implementation

  • easy installation of modules by hand
  • precise assembly using an installation aid
  • straightforward concreting in two stages for buoyancy free installation

Three simple steps to your Cobiax voided flat slab:


Determination of a suitable module and its placement according to project specific requirements



Delivery of ready-to-use void former modules to construction sites and pre-cast concrete works


Simple installation between top and bottom reinforcement – suitable for in-situ concrete or pre-cast component construction.

Customized installation: 
Cobiax voided slab modules always fit perfectly. 

  • Precast element version
  • Combination with post-tensioning
  • Assembly into pre-assembled parts
  • Combination with concrete core activation
  • Integration of building equipment and block outs

Easy combination with post-tensioning or concrete core activation and more.