Technology Background

The Cobiax Technologies Group, headquartered in Effretikon, Switzerland, is an internationally recognized specialist for innovative void former systems in reinforced concrete slabs.  After founding the company in 1997, chief executive Dr. Karsten Pfeffer invented an unprecedented spherical void former module, which led to the breakthrough and paved the path for the distribution of this outstanding new technology and further innovations by the Cobiax team. The idea became market-ready in 2005 – since then they have continued to further develop it into an internationally patented and multiple award-winning technology in building construction, which they have been further researching and defining for years. From 2005, Cobiax-Iran has become the licensed partner in Iran and neighboring countries.   

  • Industrialization in Building Construction
  • Oversees independence and localization of production
  • No need for huge investment for establishing Cobiax manufacturing plants.
  • The possibility of manufacturing Cobiax modules around the country
  • Simple installation without extra work. No need for skilled workers or specialized (sub) contractors.
  • Plan-able according to country specific norms and conducting the static calculations corresponding national-building-regulations
  • Lower-priced and economically comparable to conventional systems
  • More flexibility in layout design allowing the future use of the construction
  • environmentally sustainable and internationally recognized as  eco-friendly technology

Cobiax Iran              

As the exclusive licensee and representative of Cobiax Technologies AG of Switzerland in Iran and neighboring countries, since 2005, Cobiax Iran is responsible for Cobiax Slab System marketing, design, product supply and application in regional markets.